Mobile Phone Repairs


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If your phone or tablet needs a new screen, we have the expertise to change screens for most popular brands of phones. The screens that we use are the highest quality in the market, where available we will use genuine screens. We do a full suite of quality checks after a repair.  

*Please note - if you replace an iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max screen with any other screen whether genuine or not, you will get a message to say non genuine screen has been fitted for 48 hours each time screen wakes. After 48 hours you will get a message on start up for 13 days further to say non genuine screen. After 15 days this message can only be found in the settings menu and will not display further messages, to avoid this you would need to take the phone to Apple for repair.



If your phone needs a battery, we are here to help. We use the highest quality batteries in the market, where available we will use genuine batteries. Our team will check your device after battery replacement for battery life and charging process.

*Please Note - iPhone 11/11Pro/ 11 Pro Max. If you replace a new battery, due to Apple's recent updates this part will not display battery health in the "Battery" settings on the iPhone. You may also see messages within the first 15 days regarding this. This is not a defect.


Q: How much are your repairs?

A: This depends on the make and model of device. The store will be able to quote you on prices if you can’t find it on the website.


Q: Which Apple models can you repair?

A: We repair all Apple models from iPhone 5 to the 11Pro.


Q: Which Samsung models can you repair?

A: We repair most Samsung models from Samsung A10 to Samsung S10.


Q: Is my Data safe?

A: We recommend backing up data but we will not access any documents.  In very rare circumstances where an item is beyond repair some circuitry can be damaged. This is only 1% of cases, and usually is caused by the initial drop or impact, before we’ve even had a look at it.


Q: Will you delete my Documents?
A: No, we do not delete documents.


Q: Why do you need my password/passcode?
A: The passcode is required for testing your device after the repair, to make sure we’ve done the job properly.  This usually just involves moving icons around on the home screen, accessing the camera if it’s been replaced, etc.  Your personal data, photos etc. will not be accessed.